– Adding a Product

Login to

On the WordPress dashboard go to;

Woocommerce | Products | Add New

Type the artwork name in Product Name

Copy (ctrl +c) one of  the following;


Artwork Name – By  Anna Fuernsteiner
Giclée Print
22x30in – $565.00
18x24in – $367.00
9x12in – $110.00

Original size 22x3in – Oil on canvas
Original price – $3800


Artwork Name – By  Ani Van Eps
Gallery Wrapped Giclée
11x14in – $125.00

11x14in Matted Print – $40.00


Paste (ctrl +v) into the description area. Then change the contents to match the artwork being entered.

Copy (ctrl +c) the top 4-5 lines from the description. Locate Product short description near the bottom of right sidebar.
Paste (ctrl +v) the shortened description here.

In Product Data choose “Variable Product.”

In General Tab – Tax Status choose “Taxable” | Tax Class choose “Standard”

In Attributes tab, select “Custom product attribute” and click Add.
In Name field enter “Size”
In Values field enter the available sizes for this artwork separated by pipe symbols. eg. 22x30in | 18x24in | 9x12in
Check Visible on product page
Check Used for variations
Click Save attributes

In Variations tab, select “Create variations from all attributes,” then click Go. Two warnings will present. Select OK for both.

A system generated number will present for each attribute eg. #17918.
Click on the number to open pricing panel.
In “Regular price” enter the corresponding price for this size.
In Shipping Class, choose “tube” for giclees or “box” for matted prints.
Scroll down to open the pricing panel for other sizes.
Click Save.

In right side bar, check the correct Category. Eg. Ani Van Eps – Prints, Anna Fuernsteiner – Prints

In right side bar – Product Image.
Click Set product image
Select artwork image from media library.
Click Set Product image

Top of right side bar, click Publish button.